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Fluincy helps uncover referral revenue from everyday conversations.

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Fluincy examines calls through transcriptions and offers the best partner to handle customer concerns. We will forward the partner recommendations to the call owner in a Slack message so they can initiate the necessary process to work with the partner.


10% Discount

Referrals through this listing get 10% off the first year's platform fees

Find the Right Partner

It's impossible for every person talking to customers to know which partners solve which problems. 

Fluincy removes this obstacle, transforming everyday conversations into invaluable resources. By leveraging our data model, businesses gain comprehensive visibility into their partner ecosystems, enabling precise matching of partners to problems. 

With Fluincy, you not only optimize your customer interactions but also supercharge your partnerships, fostering a proactive culture of growth and collaboration. No more missed opportunities, just strategic insights that drive revenue and customer satisfaction.


Partner Keyword Definition

We help you to identify the keywords that help you to identify partners. We use those insights to create and leverage a database that will spread th knowledge you have about your partnerships to the rest of your organization without friction, and at scale


The biggest challenge with partnerships? Recognizing when to pull in the partner in the first place. How do you identify the signals that identify the right opportunities to engage a partner? In my experience, it is almost impossible to scale a solution to bring in partners habitually and at scale in an efficient manner. Correction: It was almost impossible.Jessie Shipman has an incredible platform in Fluincy that helps you do just that. Keep an eye out for this company… they’re mixing up the game, both for vendors and partners alike.

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Seamus Ruiz-Earle

CEO - Carabiner Group


Special Restrictions

Our current integrations include Google Meet, Gong, and Slack. Let us know what integration you need and we'll do our best to accomodate.